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Energy Logger 4000 – Version 2

See the original post here.

Made it just a little more usefull šŸ™‚ by adding ‘Export to CSV’ functionality.
Guess it needs some data formatting to. But if you understand Microsoft Office Excel or OpenOffice Calc, it is possible to create some nice lines.


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1-Wire DS18B20 Thermometer

Measuring room or object temperatures with the DS18B20. It is a digital component wich does all the work for you. You only need to COMMAND it do the measurement. A short moment later you can request 2 bytes containing the temperature.

Of course there is a protocal wich says how to communicate. See 1-Wire and the DS18B20 datasheet.

How 1-Wire works (by Maxim):

Maxim 1-Wire

Maxim 1-Wire, how to communicate

Used parts:

  • PIC16F689
    1. FLASH: 4096 Words
    2. RAM: 256 Bytes
    3. IO Pins: 18
    4. Clock internal: 8MHz internal, 4MHz default config
    5. Clock external:up to 20MHz external
  • LCD 2×16, HD44780 Compatible
  • DS18B20

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